License Law Transition Courses and Step-by-Step Transition Video

Get the latest educational calendar for transition courses, prep courses and the proficiency exams at more than 70 IAR branch classroom locations statewide as well as online learning options via If you need a good video for one of your agent meetings, show Step-by-Step Guide to the License Transition developed by IAR legal counsel and available from, your most reliable source for Illinois license law news and resources.



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100 Productivity Apps for Real Estate Professionals –

I found a great report to share with you! : Popular mobile tools for iPhone, iPad . Going mobile has never been so easy. This report includes a series of top 10 lists featuring a range of popular apps that real estate professionals may find useful in boosting… read here.

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Scammer Tried to Sell Home He Didn’t Own, Police Say

Suburban Chicago police are hunting for a man they say tried to sell a home that wasn’t his. The case is hardly an isolated one, with reports coming from hard-hit foreclosure states of similar acts. Empty or rented homes are the easiest targets, says the FBI.

Police in Campton Hills, Ill., have issued an arrest warrant for Daniel Kellogg, accusing him of changing the title of the house that he was renting to his name and listing it with a real estate agent. Kellogg also allegedly bounced some rent checks and sublet the home to other renters, pocketing the cash read more …

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I’m Getting Tired of This…

Being negative.  There’s a lot of bad news out there, you don’t have to do anything more than open your newspaper, log onto your favorite news sites, read an article or blog and you’ll see plenty of ‘the sky is falling’ kind of opinions. Well, I’m not immune to it and I’m thinking you aren’t either, but I’m going to make a conscious effort to combat that through my attitude and thoughts. I’m starting with balancing my need to keep informed of news that has an effect on me and being aware of all that’s good around me.

I’m limiting my time spent reading and listening to the news, I’m seeking out articles that focus on how we’re gaining ground, making a difference, seeing seeds of growth and how communities are thriving.  I invite you to join me. I’m making a choice, that’s what I can do. You can too!

We are in industries that have a direct impact on peoples lives, as REALTORS®, Lenders, Home Inspectors, Attorneys and all the other professions that somehow touch the property transaction. We help people find a home, a place for their business or to invest their hard earned dollars. We help people realize their dreams!  That’s big stuff, that’s positive stuff!

We have one of the most powerful lobbying groups behind us, we have local representation, a strong message at the state level and in Washington D.C. for literally pennies a day investment for this enormous support.  We help create jobs with every transaction, we help our communities thrive and we can continue to make a difference.

I challenge you in the next 30 days to do something that is a conscious action to be a positive influence or to make a positive change. And I’m inviting you to share what you did, how you made a difference and if your attitude is different. It can be a “pay it forward” thing or just a new way of looking at your world, a different business practice or becoming involved in something that you always wanted to find the time for.

What can you do?

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Q&A on the FTC Stay of MARS Rule

There is an excellent Q & A posted on the NAR website (this will require member log in) that may help clarify any questions you may have about the Stay of MARS Rule for real estate professionals.

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The FTC announced that it will forbear from enforcing most provisions of its MARS Rule against real estate professionals

NAR has made an important step in resolving the confusion caused by the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) Mortgage Assistance Relief Services Rule (MARS) among real estate professionals who provide assistance to struggling homeowners in negotiating short sales with servicers on the sale of the home.

On July 7, 2011, NAR President Ron Phipps met with FTC Chairman Jon Leibowitz to discuss the problems caused by MARS. On July 15, 2011, The FTC announced that it will forbear from enforcing most provisions of its MARS Rule against real estate professionals who assist consumers in obtaining short sales from their lenders or servicers.

Effective immediately, real estate professionals acting in their licensed capacity will no longer need to comply with most of the Rule’s requirements, including the required disclosures, advance fee ban, and recordkeeping requirements.

This forbearance of enforcement will only apply to real estate brokers (and real estate agents under their direction and control) who are:

  1. Licensed and maintain good standing pursuant to any applicable state law requirements;
  2. In compliance with state laws governing the practices of real estate professionals; and
  3. Assisting or attempting to assist a consumer in negotiating, obtaining or arranging a short sale of a dwelling in the course of securing the sale of the consumer’s home.

The FTC will still enforce the Rule’s prohibition against misrepresentations made by a real estate professional while assisting a consumer in negotiating or obtaining a short sale.

The FTC’s forbearance should have the effect of resolving this issue for real estate professionals who are acting in their licensed capacity. While the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and state attorney generals can still enforce the Rule as written, both groups are expected to follow the FTC’s lead. NAR will continue to work on obtaining a complete resolution of this issue.

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Have you heard of WhyIBuy?

WhyIBuy is a very interesting program the Illinois Association of REALTORS® has put together. IAR conducts ongoing telephone interviews with Illinois home buyers and then compiles the information on the WhyIBuy website. Going beyond the reports that list sold and price data we see what motivates and influences homebuyers. The reports are broken out into eight different regions so that you can get a very local picture of what motivates a buyer in our area vs. Southern Illinois or in the larger cities.

Other than the curiosity factor you may have about this report, you can use this information to make decisions about your marketing efforts and where you will put your advertising dollars. The information is from the actual people making the decisions about what home they buy and where, so it’s almost like having a look in the window about what messages really work. Check out the WhyIBuy website today.

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